Welcome To Defiance Barbell Club

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Our Motivation & Philosophy

In an effort to foster a community of strength training, Defiance Barbell Club seeks to include all people who have a desire to improve their lives through weight lifting. As humans, strength is essential to our interaction with the world around us. Our ability to lift everyday objects, care for others, and more enjoyably pursue leisure activities are all related to our physical strength. It is for this reason that Defiance Barbell Club was created.

During our personal journey to improve our health, we recognized the critical function of resistance training in strengthening our bodies while improving our health. There are many methods of exercise and philosophies regarding which is best for strength training. At Defiance Barbell Club we do not attempt to argue for any one system over another. Instead, we provide equipment that allows for barbell-based training methodology.

There are no machines or cardio equipment at Defiance Barbell Club. Although we understand that some people seek a more ‘full service’ gym, this is not the type of training that we embrace. Our research and personal experience has led us to believe that multi-joint, compound movements using barbells is the key to proper training for strength. Equipment that we provide includes power racks, a selection of barbells, benches, iron plates, a deadlift platform and dumbbells.

Lifters of all types are encouraged to join. Novices or those who have never lifted before are welcome, as are intermediate and advanced lifters. Strength training is something that can be done at any age and all ages are welcome. Strength training is a personal endeavor and you are not in competition with anyone other than yourself. The entire purpose of Defiance Barbell Club is to create a healthy, positive place to pursue your training goals.